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Art Shows, NYC

The Art on Paper Show at Pier 36

I visited the Art on Paper Show in NYC this weekend and found it to be pretty refreshing. It was not a gigantic show compared to the Armory and other art fairs where my senses are instantly punched in the face with overwhelming input. The layout was open and gave ample space for the 50 or so gallery booths on view.


As an artist primarily working on paper, I was selfishly excited to see my medium getting the attention it deserves. I saw a vast range of methods and media, from massive cardboard sculptures, to paintings on sewn paper bags, to detailed micro-collages (like the piece above by Keun Young Park at Muriel Guepin Gallery). All in addition to more traditional photography, painting, etc.

One thing that really surprised me was the lack of hand-pulled print work, with the exception of a few random lithographs. Where was the intaglio, the woodcut, the silkscreen?? The printmaker in me is still indignant. One example I did find was at Forum Gallery. Cybele Young’s impressively constructed tiny sculpture worlds, using copperplate etchings cut into intricate shapes arranged around a miniature object, such as headphones or a lawn chair, reminded me of the internet floating around us.. the “cloud”


I was excited to see the many ways artists are combining deconstruction with construction, cutting and then assembling, combining different media. Viviane Rombaldi-Seppey (also at Muriel Guepin Gallery) combines Gray’s anatomy pages with hand cut atlas maps of Europe to turn roadways into veins and nerves. Sweet. If only the inside of my head could be this cool.


Here’s to Art on Paper 2.0 next year.


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